Hair isn't just hair...

hair artists... It's time to LEARN about your canvas... How to properly assess and address the fiber to create Your Dream ART!

The goal is not about becoming an overnight chemist... 🧪's about becoming an artist who knows exactly which potion to use to achieve hair magic!

What is "TrichoAlchemy"?

"Trichoalchemy" can be defined as a specialized approach to hair care that combines deep scientific understanding of hair biology and chemistry with the art of hairstyling.

This concept leverages Donna's extensive knowledge in trichology—the study of hair and scalp health—to transform hair care into a creative and transformative practice.

Trichoalchemy involves using scientifically-backed products and techniques to maintain and enhance the integrity of hair at a molecular level, effectively turning stylists into adept practitioners who can harness the chemistry of hair care products to achieve remarkable results.

This method focuses not only on the aesthetics of hair styling but also emphasizes the health and structural quality of hair, making Donna's approach both holistic and innovative in the field of hair care.

"It's my full-blown mission to empower stylists to use product chemistry to bring out the best in every strand!"

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It's time to turn 'ordinary' into extraordinary...

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!"

- Joe Santy

What Fellow Stylists Have To Say...

Mags Kavanaugh -

"Donna Hogg, is one impressive, talented lady. She’s an Instructor, Mentor, Coach and Trichologist to hundreds of Cosmetologists. She has taught all over the US and advocates for Olaplex. If you need a question answered about our industry, Donna is the one to ask! Her generosity in helping stylists reach their goals proves she is a force to be reckoned with!"

Elaine Travis - Independent Hair Color Educator, Expert Color Solutions

"Donna has been an amazing resource of support to my members of the Hair Color Secrets Insiders. I defer to Donna on any and all questions about trichology as she is a wealth of knowledge on protecting the integrity of the hair."

Geno Stampora - NAHA Hall Of Leaders

"Donna is a special person and educator. She connects, cares , and communicates with the precision of a master. I have worked with her for many years and I have personally witnessed Donna giving her all to her students and audience."

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